The Art

'About' The Art

From then till now

Ever since I was little, I basically "did" art. At a young age, I had already discovered that I liked drawing more than paying attention in class. My creative side has always been big, I would say. Although I liked to draw from a very young age, I didn't really start to develop my skills and style until it was time for me to go to high school. In high school, drawing and being creative became an outlet for me. A means to escape an environment that I did not like, and which did not like me either (we were not all meant to be popular).


My developing started with my first "How To Draw" books, which were from Christopher Heart. They mainly focused on the anime style, but seeing as I was going through a phase back then, that was fine by me. My female anatomy skill flourished and, admittedly, as I became better at drawing females, my skill in male anatomy (even to this day) has stayed far behind. Although I still try to draw new things, it's a given fact that on all other matters except the female anatomy, I still need a lot of improving. But there's still time for that, right? ♫


My style, I like to think, is a fun aspect. I don't seem to have a consistent style. I try out different things, which is partially because of the influences that are around me. My character faces hardly ever look the same, and neither does my coloring style. Which I'm perfectly fine with.


When it comes to coloring, I went from one medium to another. There was the first stage of my drawing development curve where I stuck solely to black and white. I loved it. Still do; some pieces are just meant to be black and white. But there came a time where I needed color in my life, and thus in my drawings. My first experience was with colored pencils. Nice, but not quite what I wanted. Then, a dear friend of mine gave me her markers for a good price. They were Comic Twins and sort of like Copic Markers. I became hooked. Of course, I can show examples (see below) of how my first tests were, but like with the actual drawing itself, coloring comes with practice. Unfortunately, many of my Comic Twin markers are no more so I now work mostly with Copic Markers (for more on that, see "Materials" section).


Of course, through the years I wanted to experiment with digital as well because when you see other people do it, you want to try it too (at least I do). While I enjoy digital drawing a lot, it had to grow on me because it took a lot of getting used to. I admit that I will grab a pencil much easier than I will grab my tablet pen. Still, I hope I will get the chance to develop my digital drawings as well.


My goals for now are to improve on male anatomy and face, backgrounds, realism and cars.

From where do I draw inspiration


I draw inspiration from many sources; it's hard to say that there are just a few things that inspire me. Growing up in the Netherlands I feel like I've always had two big directions influence me. Western and Eastern. Meaning both cartoons, comics as well as Manga and anime are a source for my inspiration. There are too many series and heroes I admire. Making a list of all the things that inspire me is very difficult. But those four genres (anime, manga, cartoons and comics) are an endless source of inspiration for me. If I were to name a few big things that inspired me it would be the following: X-Men, Gundam Wing, One piece, DC/Marvel etc.


Fantasy is mostly what you will find back in my art. I like to dream away to other realms and worlds. Which can be seen in my art too. There a lot of fantasy artist out there that I draw inspiration from.


Like most artist I also draw inspiration from music. From moods that I am in; and those two things combined. I don't have a specific type of genre that I listen to, but sometimes there's just music that inspires you to draw or make something.


And admittedly now that I've named these I feel that there are still so many things missing. But truth be told, I think I babbled enough as it is. Want to discuss more about what inspires me or what inspires you. Just drop me a line.