The Materials

'About' The Materials


For the sketching of pieces or for pencil works I basically use the most simple and cheapest of items available to do this with. My standard equiptment (and things I actually always have on me when leaving the house, you never know when inspiration strikes!) are: Mechenical pencil, eraser and a fineliner. For mechenical pencils I don't have a brand but usually use HB for it. For erasers I found pencil erasers to be fantastic. When it comes to fineliners I'm more picky. an absolute for my fineliners is that they are water/alcohol/bleed proof. More about that under inking.



Inking is one of my fave things to do. I like working out sketches (which are real rough for me) out in detail and adding more and more detail as I go. For inking my fave fineliners (which is my standard equipment) are from sakura or multiliner. Faber castle is somewhere on the third place. A plus on the side for faber castle is the amount of colors they offer on their liners and for a reasonable price. Also for inking I have a light table that I use. This cause mistakes are made, and ctrl+z doesn't work in real life. (oh how easy that would be though). If my inking work needs highlight I use white ink for this or correction flued.


Traditional coloring

Coloring I like a lot, it's nice to have a drawing that you put your heart and sole into come to live with colors. When coloring traditionally I use markers or pencils. For markers I have a few brands that I like and this goes for colors as well. To make it easy I will divide this section into seperate parts.

  • Marker brands I use: Copic marker ciaO, Spectrum noir, prismacolor premier (brush markers), comictwin markers.
  • Coloring pencils: Bruynzeel, prisma coloring pencils and to blend the colors I use: derwent blend set or odorless Terpetine.
  • Watercoloring: Panpestel watercolor set, Prima marketing coloring pencils, wink of stella watercolor markers, promarker watercolor set. For background use I also have watersolluble crayons.


Digital coloring

Digital coloring is really easy and short. I use photoshop portable version 3.0 together with a bamboo wacom tablet. Admittedly I'm still looking for another programme to use for my digital art.



Uh, as I typed this down I realised that the list for this section would be so tremendously big that It would end. So I'll try to keep it short but keep in mind that when it comes to my scrapping section I have a ton of supplies. I have a passion for rhinestones and make things pop out. I use distress inks for background. I do this in the form of using the color directly or making sprays out of them. I have stamps from different brands but favor the ones that are attached to a wooden part. (easier to clean as well). I love working with black gesso from the pebeo brand. I love working with structure paste as well and faber castell gelatos. Gelatos I love using cause the variety of effects you can get with them.


So what else...

Yeah, nothing else to add, admitting again that there are probably a few things missing from this list, if you see an artwork and have a burning need to know what I used to create it, ask me. I don't mind sharing equipment and will even give you links as to where you can get it. Fellow artist unite after all right?