Commission Prices

On this page I will discuss the prices of the different types of commissions that I offer. As said before, prices may very depending on the assignment I'm given, if they vary a lot from the normal price. We can come to an agreement together on what you would consider a better price if mine for example is to high.


Types of Commissions and Prices


  • Keep in mind that with commissions finished products will be delivered digitally in png/psd file. (or any file that you request of me) If you want a hard copy of the work shipping and handling will be added to the price of the commission. If you can come pick up the work that this is of course not the case. How much shipping and handling is depends on where you live and what type of mail we come to agreement on. (insured or not etc.) The exception tot his rule are scrapping canvasses (mixed media), paintings and bookmarks, these you will always get in hardcopy form.


  • A secondary thing to keep in mind is that all of my works will have some form of signature. I will stay entitled to use the work on my website for examples or promotional uses (this will be discussed in case of original characters). Should there arrise a question on either side we'll discuss for price to something with both agree.



  • A Sketch Commission is a simple drawing (possibly with some rough lines still showing). Either traditional or digital. Starting at € 10,00 euro. (each additional character + € 7,50)


For € 10,00 I will make a simple sketch of a character of your choice. No background or extra. Do you want a sketch commission with something extra we'll discuss price. This includes Chibi's as well.


  • An Inked Commission is either a hand-drawn image inked with traditional medium or by digital means.

Starting at € 15,00 euro. (each additional character + € 7,50 / Extra: e-mail for information )


For € 15,00 I will make a inked commission for you. After you approve of the initial sketch the ink process will start after the full payment is made. Inked commission means entirely black and white. No background or extra's. Want something added the price ofcourse can be discussed. Chibi's included as well.

  • A Digital Colored Commission is a traditional or digitally drawn image colored by computer.

Starting at € 25 euro. (each additional character + € 10 / extra: e-mail for information)


For 20 euro I will make a digital colored commission for you. In this price like with the others two revisions are included. After approval of the initial sketch and full payment is made I will start inking and after inking will do flats. After flat coloring is done I will contact you to ask if the color scheme is right or not before I start shading. In this price background and nothing extra is included but of course can be discussed. The same price goes for chibi's.


  • A Traditional Colored Commission is a hand-drawn image, inked with traditional media and colored by such (think markers, watercolors or colored pencils. As a buyer you can tell me which you prefer. If no choice is made, I shall choose one myself).

Starting at €20,00 - 30,00. (each additional character + € 10 euro /extra: email for information.)


Traditional coloring is a bit more expensive because of the materials that are in use, but depending on the subject that I'm given I might actually pick traditional coloring over digital as I'm more ' gifted' at it. This will always be discussed up front. Otherwise same rules apply to the digital coloring.


  • A card or bookmark can be requested as well. When commissioning one of these, the more details you can provide, the better. Different mediums will be used to get the desired result.

Starting at € 2,50 - 15,00 depending on the amount of material used. Mixed media painting starts at € 20,00