Commission Rules

In this section, I will cover rules concerning commissions. Feel free to send me your ideas and requests; even if you doubt or are unsure whether or not I can do a certain type of commission or drawing. I'm always open for challenges. As stated underneath, prices are negotiable.


General Rules


  • I can draw both original characters and fan art. If you want original characters drawn, please be as detailed as possible. Give me a good quantity of references or a detailed description to make things easier on the both of us.


  • Keep in mind that these are a general guidelines. Prices may vary depending on the level of work and detail (I may add an extra fee if it's too complex, or make a fair discount if it's too simple).


  • How to commission is easy. Just fill in the Contact Form located under "Contact". You can also send an e-mail to:


  • Time; Please be aware that the time I need to finish a commission may vary, depending on the complexity of the request and the availability of my time. Usually, I will take two to three days to finish a drawing. Please be patient.


  • Unless you explicitly request to keep the drawing/art unpublished, your request may be part of my portfolio. All drawings will have a small watermark. If you don’t want a watermark extra fees will be charged.


  • The finished product will be delivered digitally. If the client would like a 'hard copy' of their commissioned work, printing and shipping costs will be added. Buying Copyright is also possible.


  • I will not draw gore nor violence. Please keep in mind that I can say no to a commission if the subject/matter makes me uncomfortable. That being said, please send me your ideas. In general, I'm rather open and will do drawings concerning a wide array of subjects (i.e. yuri, yaoi, ecchi, fantasy creatures, etc.)


  • Payment is by Paypal. The preferred currency is either Euros or USD (US Dollars). I will start working on the commission once half of the agreed price is paid. I will first make up a sketch. Once the sketch has been approved by you, the other half of payment must be transferred in order for me to complete the commission. If you rather pay for the commission all at once, you may do so. Please note that after we've agreed on the first sketch, refund is not possible. Within the price for the commission I will do two revisions, anymore revisions will cost extra.


Types of Commissions


  • A Sketch Commission is a simple drawing (possibly with some rough lines still showing). Either traditional or digital.


  • An Inked Commission is either a hand-drawn image inked with traditional medium or by digital means.

  • A Digital Colored Commission is a traditional or digitally drawn image colored by computer.


  • A Traditional Colored Commission is a hand-drawn image, inked with traditional media and colored by such (think markers, watercolors or colored pencils. As a buyer you can tell me which you prefer. If no choice is made, I shall choose one myself).


  • A card or bookmark can be requested as well. When commissioning one of these, the more details you can provide, the better. Different mediums will be used to get the desired result.


I tried to cover everything concerning commissions in this journal. However, if you still have any questions or concerns, please send me a note or ask me in this journal. I will respond to any inquiries regarding this service. Also keep in mind that this list can be updated or changed at any time.




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