Links in & Links out

Now comes the part for networking. Aside from this website, which will serve as my portfolio and commission site, there are other platforms on which I am active. There will be a lot of cross-posting, mind you. Something that is on here will easily be found on, for example, Tumblr or Instagram. If you have an account on one of these websites, feel free to add me. I don't mind and I'm always open to new friends.



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Now beneath are some links to other amazing site's. I would think of calling them Brother and Sister site's. Basically people who I think rock. Check out their pages to! If you are up for link trading (you post my link I post yours) drop me a line by email ♥

Long time friend, visagist and make up expert. Wonderful person with a wonderful site.

Fellow artist extrodinair, amazing portrets and beautiful art.

the website for cosplay needs. you asks, she makes it.